Young Community Transport Service

1986: In February the Young Neighbourhood Centre gained funding from State and Federal Governments through the Home and Community Care Program. Services commenced in October using a rented bus, volunteer drivers and carers.

1988-1993: Extra funding during this time enabled employment of a paid driver, purchase of a bus and employment of a Coordinator, roles previously performed by volunteers.

1995: The Department of Transport approved funding which allowed a small amount of extra medical transport to regional centres, delivered in vehicles owned by volunteers.

1996: The Community Transport service left the Neighbourhood Centre and became an identity in its own right, becoming Young Community Transport Service Incorporated. The Service then leased its own vehicle, allowing the medical car service to be increased by 150%.

1997: A big year – funding allowed extension of service to provide transport to Young’s surrounding villages and people on farms living in isolation. Careful financial planning and extra funding allowed for the replacement of the bus, including access modifications for the new vehicle. We also moved from the Neighbourhood Centre to the Marie McCormick Community Centre with the help of HACC Capital Facility funding and Young Shire Council.

1998: The Service had 19 volunteer drivers and purchased its first car – it travelled over 119,000 km in its first year.

1999: The Service applied for and received Department of Health funding for a period of 18 months, which allowed the expansion of the fleet to include 3 cars and deliver over 3,000 trips.

2002: Our first Department of Education contract! We still provide this service today.

2003: Recurrent funding received from the Department of Health under the Non-Emergency Health Related Transport resulted in further increase of trips to medical appointments.

2004: A new bus with funding from HACC through the Ministry of Transport.

2004-2005: Our service was called upon to assist with the running of the Cootamundra Community Transport Service from November until July when that service closed at short notice. Thanks to the great assistance of our volunteers and hardworking staff we were able to pick up and have the service running within days, assisting the community of Cootamundra until such time as a permanent service was able to commence; a period of 7 months.

2005: In January, the Service was awarded Young’s Australia Day Community Service Award.  In May our work with the Transport Working Group allowed us to successfully apply for funding from the Ministry of Transport to allow a joint pilot project between Young Community Transport and Young Taxis, to provide clients with taxi vouchers to assist with their transport needs. The project was very successful and it is still running today.  In October the Service was named Community Transport Service of the year at the annual NSW Community Transport Organisation awards.

2010: In February the service came to the aid of those employees retrenched due to the sudden closure of the Young Abattoirs, coordinating the circulation of fuel vouchers to those families affected. The project was funded with Emergency Response funding from the Ministry of Transport. In March the Service completed the Integrated Monitoring Review by the Department of Transport, meeting all of the Key Performance Areas for a very good result. In October the Service was again awarded the Community Transport Service of the Year Award at the Annual Conference. This was awarded in recognition of exceptional service to the community and was a very fitting reward for a great team.

2013: Another big year with the Young and Shoalhaven Community Transport Services merging to form what is now known as Coast and Country Community Services Ltd. The merger took place to enable the organisation to cope with the changing funding climate and the increasing demands for better and more formal governance.

2014: The auspice for Boorowa Community Transport service was transferred from Murrumbidgee Health to Coast and Country Community Services Ltd. Operations of the Boorowa service was taken on by the Young Office.

2015: We received the Australia Day award for Community Services. The auspice of the Weddin Community Transport service was transferred to Coast and Country Community Services. Young and Weddin services now work closely together providing backup and relief staff and providing trips in conjunction. Coast and Country Community Services Ltd. was named Community Transport for the year at the NSW Community Transport Awards.

2016: Our 30th year!

The year provided staff and volunteers with one of the most challenging years to date, with the introduction of a Centralised Transport Booking System. This new technology has been introduced into the office and all vehicles to register and monitor all transport provided.

The service has expanded over the years to include a fleet of 4 buses, 1 people mover and 7 sedans, 1 full time and 2 part time office workers, 5 casual bus drivers and 62 volunteers.

A total of 20,050 passenger trips were provided and we travelled in excess of 559,000kms. Volunteers gave 12,866 hours to the community and saved the Government almost $400,000.

This is an enormous contribution to the community and a simple thank you does not seem enough.  How inspiring and rewarding it is to work with such a committed and caring group of people!

The continued success of the organisation is due to the team effort of all involved. The contribution of everyone is equally important; our funding bodies, Transport for NSW, Murrumbidgee Health, our Staff, Volunteers and Clients.

We are thankful to everyone who has been involved over the years, and there are several people who stand out providing great assistance to the service and enabling us to be in the position we are today:

  • Barry Holness was the president of the service for 24 years and lead us from small beginnings to a successful service;
  • Current CCCS Chairperson Bill Cameron, who filled Barry’s big shoes when he retired, has kept us going strong along with help from all the current board of directors and CEO Stephen Fornasier; and
  • Margaret Phelan was the Coordinator for a long time as both a volunteer and paid staff member. Margaret is still an active member of the Advisory Committee.